How To Add An Extra 
$100K in Sales In 100 Days
With Simple
YouTube Ads

Even If You Have Never Run YT Ads Before

Imagine Leads So Hot, They Almost Burn A Hole In Your Inbox

Discover The YouTube Ad Strategies That Have Created Millions of Dollars in Sales

A Powerful and Practical
Live In-Person 2 Day Workshop
Plus It's 100% Free

18-19th November, Sydney

Here's What You'll Learn At The YouTube Ads For Profit Workshop

  • The proven 5 step YouTube ads system to scaling your business to multiple 6-7+ figures
  • How to create killer YouTube ads scripts that convert 
  • Our Million Dollar winning YouTube ad formula 
  • What is the “Credit Card Out” targeting method
  • Omnipresent retargeting so no sale is left behind
  • How to setup and optimise profitable YouTube ad campaigns
  • How to add an extra $100K in sales in 100 days
  • The 3 biggest mistakes people make with YouTube ads and how to avoid them
  • Ethically steal your competitors traffic and send it to your website
  • How to spy on your competitors YouTube Ads
  • Discover if your profitable with YouTube ads before you spend 1 penny
  • How to save time and money avoiding YouTube advertising mistakes
  • The top 5 tools you need to build successful YouTube campaigns
  • The number 1 thing you can do to right now to drastically increase your bottom line

*Free 2 Day In Person Event*

YouTube Ads For Profit Workshop

18-19th Nov, Sydney

This is just a sample of everything you will learn during the 2 days of YouTube goodness

*Free 2 Day In Person Event*

YouTube Ads For Profit Workshop

18-19th Nov, Sydney

When And Where Is The Workshop?

This 2-day live workshop  will be live in Sydney
It runs from 9am to approximately 5:00pm AEST each day.

Live In-Person 2 Day Workshop,
18-19th Nov, Sydney

Discover How To Grow Your Business With YouTube Advertising

Dear Business Builder, Do You Want To...

  • Have a dependable and reliable marketing system that adds an extra $100K in sales in 100 days?
  • Generate a consistent flow of highly profitable low-cost, high-quality leads?
  • Beat your competitors by ethically Hijacking their traffic and sending it to your website?
  • Receive a minimum 3-20+ times return for every dollar you spend on ads?

Most business builders we talk to are frustrated that they are burning a truck ton on marketing platforms that don’t work anymore.

They long for a reliable, consistent and repeatable marketing system that they can use to scale their business and provide them the lifestyle they deserve.

The good news is, there is a better way.

What if we told you there was a system that delivers a consistent flow of highly qualified leads and sales?

By only targeting your dream clients who have the means to invest in your services and have their credit card out ready to buy?

*Free 2 Day In Person Event*

YouTube Ads For Profit Workshop

18-19th Nov, Sydney

Or... Keep reading to find out more…

Discover A Completely New Way To Grow your Business With YouTube Advertising

Over the last 7 years, we’ve helped our clients across a wide range of industries scale their business to over multiple 6 and 7 figures.

The key is to have a reliable and repeatable paid marketing strategy you can scale that consistently brings in profitable sales. This has a number of benefits:

  • Ability to add another revenue stream to your business
  • Increase the size of your bottom line
  • Growth that represents your success
  • The Satisfaction of knowing your business is providing the life you and your family deserve

So – how do you make this work?

We’ll share with you our exact system at our upcoming live event.

Here are just some examples of clients we’ve worked with, helping them make their advertising great again…

*Free 2 Day In Person Event*

YouTube Ads For Profit Workshop

18-19th Nov, Sydney

A Few Industries We Work With

Here Are What Past Attendees Have Said

*Free 2 Day In Person Event*

YouTube Ads For Profit Workshop

18-19th Nov, Sydney

Our Proven 5 Step System
Running Profitable YouTube Ads

*Free 2 Day In Person Event*

YouTube Ads For Profit Workshop

18-19th Nov, Sydney

Here Are Some Of Our Clients Results

Ian Marsh & Darren Stephens

"$150K with only $8K of Ad Spend on YouTube"

Business Coaches

"Working with Ben and Marcus has been a wonderful experience and we can't recommend them enough. The first time we worked with them, they helped turn $8,000 ad spend into $150,000 in sales for our high ticket coaching program."

"Within 1 month we were able to cut our lead costs by half!"

Solar Provider

"Facebook was giving us terrible leads and Google Search was good but really expensive. So we gave YouTube ads a shot and have never looked back"

Revel Loughlin

Steve Eagle

"19X ROAS on First Virtual Event Filled With YouTube Ads"

Importing Coach

"We had been using Facebook ads for quite some time to fill our virtual events and it started to get quite expensive. So we added YouTube Ads into the mix and was very happy with a 19x return. Was way more than I expected.

"6 Figure Jump In Sales Since We Started YouTube Ads"

Tackle World Franchisee

"Always did old-school radio and newspaper ads. Decided one day to do YouTube Ads. Q1 of 2022 had over $100K more in sales than Q1 of 2021".

Revel Loughlin

"Since joining with Titan Marketer in 2020, my sales revenue has increased so much that I have had to hire 2 more staff to assist with all the new clients."

Jodie Moorfoot, The Fixx Body Therapy

"Thanks to Marcus and Ben, we have been able to fill our events with the right people which has allowed us to get an average of 1700% return on our advertising budget."

Andrew And Daryl Grant, Our Internet Secrets

Before I met Ben and Marcus Covid really hit my travel agency business. We lost 95% of all our sales and things were really looking dark. However, after working with them, for a few months I have now been able to land several new corporate clients, securing over $1 million in sales revenue so far this year. 

Lillian Daff, Knox Travel Agency

"With the help of Titan Marketer, I have been able to really launch my coaching program off the ground in a few months . I am seeing an average return of 900% on my ad spend which has really allowed me grow my business and focus on my family and cricket passion."

Saurabh Kumar Saurabh, Cricket Coaching

We could go on and on with examples, but we’re sure you get the idea…

Now we’d like to share this system with you, at a 2-day Live and in-person workshop.

*Free 2 Day In Person Event*

YouTube Ads For Profit Workshop

18-19th Nov, Sydney

Here Are What Past Attendees Have Said

*Free 2 Day In Person Event*

YouTube Ads For Profit Workshop

18-19th Nov, Sydney

Who's The
“YouTube Ads For Profit Workshop” For

  • The business owner looking for a reliable, consistent and proven way to generate profits
  • The professional who wants a consistent flow of low-cost, high-quality leads
  • The business owner wanting to increase their search engine visibility
  • Those who are sick and tired Facebook Ad shenanigans
  • The entrepreneur wanting a pathway to “world-domination”
  • Consultants, coaches, authors and speakers who want to get their message to millions
  • The online entrepreneur who wants to take their business to the next level
  • The busy entrepreneur that doesn’t want to waste time and money “ figuring it all out” and just wants a blueprint to killer results

*Free 2 Day In Person Event*

YouTube Ads For Profit Workshop

18-19th Nov, Sydney

Who Are We And How Can We Help You?


Serial entrepreneur and international keynote speaker. Over the past 7 years, I have educated thousands of people on how to grow and scale their businesses. 

I’ve been blessed to help clients across a wide range of industries scale their business to 6 and even multiple 7 figure businesses with repeatable marketing strategies

I have been in online marketing for over 9 years and it has been an incredible journey. These days, when I'm not consulting on marketing, business or public speaking, I'm usually spending time with family or out fishing or diving


Many years ago I busted my leg and lost my day job. I have a family of 6 and needed to pay the bills still. So I started my own online marketing business. Since then I have been able to help many businesses reach multiple 6 and 7 figures.

Among These are people and businesses ranging from brand new affiliate marketers, new start-up businesses to 7-figure business owners. I've been able to help them with all things traffic, funnels and conversion and help them achieve measurable results-based marketing!

*Free 2 Day In Person Event*

YouTube Ads For Profit Workshop

18-19th Nov, Sydney

What Others Have To Say About Our Workshops

Glen Campbell

Joanne Seymon

Andrew and Daryl Grant

Ian Marsh

Alex Perry

Jacine Greenwood

Ash Ramm

Jodie Moorfoot

Lillian Daff

Jonos Petrohilos

Chris Saltzburg

The presentation and content were extremely relevant and applicable, plus the tips were well worth the time I spent with Marcus and Ben. I discovered many things regarding marketing in general that I didn’t know and reconfirmed the things I did know. Definitely attend if you want to up your marketing game.

Jane Langshaw

Sydney, Australia

I would recommend anyone to attend and not change their minds. I learned just how important tracking and analytics really are for scaling. The way the guys taught was amazing and very easy to follow. It was a great honour to attend this workshop.

Vital Mpawenimana

Dallas, Texas

Well worth Spending the day with Ben and Marcus. Great summary of digital marketing and how it can help build any business to the next level. They are both very knowledgeable when it comes to online marketing. Very glad I came!

Joanne Smit

Perth, Western Australia

Learning about YouTube advertising was a massive eye opener for me. The information the guys shared was excellent. I honestly can’t believe I got into the workshop for so cheap.

Bharat Sohi

Perth, Western Australia

Do it! Don’t hesitate. The guys took much of the fear of paid ads out of the equation. They brought complex knowledge down to simple terms to understand. The workshop was absolutely amazing

Bronwyn Dunn

Athens, Georgia

Learned a great deal from this workshop for my roofing business. I Always look forward to learning from Ben and Marcus. I highly recommend spending as much time with these 2 guys as you can.

Colin Davie

Perth, Western Australia

The knowledge these guys have is remarkable. I honestly discovered a whole new way about how to advertise my business. I strongly recommend attending this workshop.

Deiveegan Dhekshinamoorthi

Brisbane, Queensland

Fantastic presentation from people who know what to do. I discovered how to look at marketing campaigns and set them up for success.

Malcom Spencer

Sydney, Australia

As an entrepreneur, I am always on the lookout for innovative solutions to enhance my business operations. Recently, I had the pleasure of learning the know how with Titan Marketer, and I must say that my experience with them has been nothing short of exceptional


This was one of the best marketing seminars that I’ve ever attended. Ben and Marcus are masters of their trade and I’m excited to implement YouTube advertising into my marketing strategies. I highly recommend all business owners checking out titan marketer

Greg Spence

Excellent! I attended the 2 day via via zoom and the content which was delivered was even better than advertised. The best value foe me was the ad structuring session on day 2. Incredible value!! They even gave us the supplementry tools like calculators, templates and slides so we can simply follow along and apply to our business. I thought i knew "all about google and YT ads", but this event has really enlightened me! There's no way you'll fail if you simply follow and apply!

Tinashe Muzangaza

The YouTube workshop was fantastic! Insightful content, engaging instructors, and practical tips. I left feeling inspired and well-equipped for YouTube success. Highly recommend!

Fabrizio Bonara

Ben and Marcus are the absolute GOATS of the YouTube advertising space. Their event was the most valuable workshop I've ever been too 😍 100% recommend!

Sophie Wilson

Ben and Marcus are the ducks nuts! I went to their YouTube Ads for Profit 2 day event, and what they teach about using YT ads to grow your business is gold. But the event goes way beyond just ads. Copywriting, marketing strategy, e-commerce, coaching and consulting, AI, scaling, messaging and targeting - Ben and Marcus have so much to teach on all these topics and more. I've been working with these guys for a couple of years and they are truly the experts. And they are a truck-ton of fun to with with!

Paul Hobbs

Great workshop with Ben and Marcus today. They are top of the game with industry trends to help any business stay a step ahead of competitors. The presentation covers a lot of information but delivered step by step so you can implement into your business the very next day. I'm looking forward to day two tomorrow. I highly recommend the workshop to any person in any business.

Tania Proctor

I recently attended the Titan Marketer workshop on YouTube marketing, and I must say it was an excellent experience. The workshop provided me with invaluable ideas, and I saw remarkable results within just the first week of implementing what I learned. The tips shared were easy to follow, and the presenters added a fun and humorous touch to their live sessions, making the learning process enjoyable.

Sky Hunt

Marcus and Ben are YouTube marketing wizards! Their strategic insights, communication, and professionalism make them an invaluable asset to any business. Highly recommended!

Claudia Mossa

I attended Titan’s two day YouTube ads training event. Legit, hands down the best, most well organised, complete and practical training I’ve ever received on lead generation using YT ads. I’ve taken big ticket courses elsewhere and was still confused. Titan clarified everything and now I’m very confident and capable, finally. Thank you.

David Gikandi

I had the pleasure of attending the 2 day workshop with Titan Marketer. I was armed with an amazing array of easily actionable insights to move my business forward. A fantastic investment of my time! Thank you, Ben and Marcus.

Nicola Steel

"Ben and Marcus are incredible at what they do. Their ability to truely help people with the Marketing is superior and they genuinely care about your success. They have this ability to get you to understand each step and process without getting lost in the details and are exceptionally good at making the Ads actually work.
Highly, highly recommend attending their events or contacting them for your company.

Andi Darr

Great seminar. Very informative. Learned heaps of practical and actionable skills to grow my business through YouTube Marketing. Highly recommend!

Joel de Ross

Learning from Titan Marketer has been super fun and super valuable. The banter between these guys makes it easy to digest all the knowledge & a joy to do. Great balance of information and action. AND IT'S FREE! Highly Recommended.

Tashka Urban

"Early adapter, intent targeting, 3x ROAS, no sale left behind, AI Rocks, $100k in 100 days, $ million dollar messaging, results based actions.

I just has an amazing 2 days YouTube Ads event with Ben & Marcus over the weekend 7-8 Oct, 2023. It's mind blowing, I can't wait to work with Ben & Marcus to help me taking my business to the next level !!!"

Maylin Lim

Titan Marketer's workshop have the best transformative YouTube strategies! Must-attend in Brisbane if you want print money from your business and retire today.

Jeremy & Hazelle Walker

Absolute Game-changer! Ben and Marcus from Titan Marketer are incredibly intelligent in the industry. They explain the processes in a simple and easy to comprehend way. Highly recommend!

Corey Rasmussen

Only one day in so far in a two-day event and already received tremendous value. I didn't appreciate just how much opportunity there is with YouTube Ads. Ben and Marcus really know their stuff and deliver the progran in an engaging and easy to absorb way, I'm looking forward to tommorrow as we dive into ad and campaign creatiob.

Patrick Boucousis

I have learned and enjoyed the two days workshop where I learned strategies, techniques and tools of how to create profitable ads on YouTube. This is a must attended course for everyone who want to sell online.

1.- Early Adopter
2.- Intent Targeting
3.- 3 x ROAS
4.- No sale left behind.
5.- AI Rocks.
6.- $ 100K in 100 Days
7.- Million dollar messaging.
8.- Results based action.

José Lenin

Have just finished attending day one of the "Youtube Ads for profit" workshop. I have never run Youtube ads before, but have been reading and watching videos online as to how to do so. This first day, there has been some information that I already knew, however, there was definitely some information given that I have not come across before, like how to spy on your competitors ads, how to target your competitors websites and YouTube channels for leads, and how to do retargeting.

Tamara Rees

This was an awesome seminar. Within the first hour, I got information that will help me make more sales than ever before. Highly recommend! Steve

Steven Spangenberg

Amazing weekend, and it is only day one, So much good usable content and tips and tricks I could not have worked out myself in a million years!! star rating from me

Tony Tomson

Ben is the best in the business when it comes to YouTube. He helped me put together a specific campaign for my podcast when I couldn't find help elsewhere.

Thanks Ben!

Ryan Sullivan

Very worthwhile seminar. So much value given! Ready to rock my business with YouTube.

Leanne Sklavenitis

Thanks Ben and Marcus,
Best webinar I've seen, very informative, cant wait for round two.

Ash Bid

Ben and Marcus from Titan Marketer are simply awesome! Very knowledgeable, down to earth and easy to deal with. They really care about their clients and will take the time to explain and guide you every step of the way.

Tack Lee

Value Packed! Simple to follow - easy to implement. Very glad I attended. Thank you

Kezia Parmley

Ben, Marcus, Cherry and the whole team are very helpful during the three days event. Knowledge about YouTube marketing shared at the seminars is very enlightening. Highly recommend the team and event.

Chang Rick

Its really good and helpful to escalate profits through youtube ads

The Gold Crust

This seminar is very informative. Ben and Marcus are friendly and professional.

Cindy W

I can recommend their YouTube Ads workshop, which is packed with valuable information.


If you are new to marketing then Ben and Marcus will share the steps on how you can build and achieve with Youtube marketing.

Alister Thyne

This was the best event I have been to. Talk about huge value, huge tips, & it was great to network with other likeminded people. Thank you Ben & Marcus

Helen Buchanan- Hypnosis helps Negative Habits

Marcus is the most naturally gifted marketer I’ve ever worked with. He is also exceptionally hard working and just great to deal with generally. He has that X factor that separates him as a great marketer from the good or the average. He will be super expensive one day, so best to get in while he is still affordable.

Adam Ahmed

These guys, Marcus & Ben, really know their stuff. So, if you want to do YouTube ads and you want experts, not tyre kickers, then contact them, pay the money and get on with it. I did, and I'm now reaping the rewards. Plus, they're nice people, and that also means a lot.

Glen Campbell

I cannot say enough about the complimentary consulting that Ben of "Titan Marketer" gave to me. Just starting out on YouTube with ads his expertise was invaluable. His consulting was clear and concise. He helped me provide my team with direction which I believe will enhance my campaign. Thank you Ben!

Inventing To Win Your Road Map to Success

Absolute quality from these guys. They have really good knowledge and and really good at communicating it.

Jonathan Henley

Titan Marketers are bloody wonderful, they coach as they teach, you will get a better understanding of what you need to do, to reach your niche, more effectively. These guys ROCK!

Dee Scown

Great information. Trust worthy and delivered an information packed workshop.

Andrew Lloyde

Excellent the seminar with right to the point knowledge

Richard Zhu

Celina Ellems

Ben McIntyre

Tracy Parisi


Simon Cryer

Andrew Kavanagh

Shane and Cath Heaton

Michelle Wilde


*Free 2 Day In Person Event*

YouTube Ads For Profit Workshop

18-19th Nov, Sydney

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring with me?

Because this 2 day workshop is going to be jam packed with actionable step by step processes to grow your business with YouTube Ads your going to need something to write your notes on. Be sure to bring a notepad and pen to capture everything.

Where will the workshop be held?

The 2-day live workshop is on 18-19th of November at Rydges Sydney Central in Sydney. It runs from 9am to approximately 5:00pm AEST each day.

If I miss the workshop, will it be available to watch at a later stage?

Unfortunately not, as this is a live in person workshop, with hands on learning. There will be no recording of the workshop make available.

What If I need accommodation?

There will be rooms available at Rydges Sydney Central. Just speak to the conference centre directly and tell them that you're attending the Titan Marketer YouTube workshop. Please call us on +61 (1)300 664 075 if you have any questions or need help. Or you can choose from many of the other hotels that are within an easy distance of the venues.

Who Is Speaking?

There is only 2 speakers at this workshop As this is NOT a multi speaker sales event. This is a hands on workshop with actionable step by step processes to grow your business with YouTube ads. So the speakers are Marcus Svedin & Ben Jones. They will be live and in-person at the YouTube workshop.

Are there any age restrictions for anyone attending?

Children over the age of 12 are permitted as long as they are ticket holders and are accompanied by a parent or guardian the entire time.

Will this be an all-day immersive workshop?

Yes, you will want to bring something to take notes with as there will be A LOT of information being dished out.

Will there be adequate breaks though out the day?

Yes we will be breaking for Lunch, morning and afternoon tea. To make sure you are rested and can get the most out of the workshop.

*Free 2 Day In Person Event*

YouTube Ads For Profit Workshop

18-19th Nov, Sydney

Ready To Grow Your Business With YouTube Ads In 2023

*Free 2 Day In Person Event*

YouTube Ads For Profit Workshop

18-19th Nov, Sydney

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